We have accessories for marijuana use if you desire.  Everything from pipes, to bongs, along with electronic devices.  You can combust your herb with an electronic device or pipe.  If you have lung issues or wish a milder way to inhale.  Consider our vape products. Understand the difference between combustion and vaporizing.  Combustion is setting something on fire by electricity, match, or other live fire.  You can inhale everything but it is harsh.  Stems and seeds do cause a burning in the lungs.  With vaporizing, your do not burn the product.  You heat it until is just before burning.  This takes time and practice, however, there is not coughing or hacking.  What you inhale really has no smoke, it is clear, however you can tell it has vaporized the herb by the change in color of that herb.  Very clear and smooth.

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